G·SOL® Sanitizing BulkSolution : No-Alcohol

<G·SOL® Sanitizing Solution>
 <G·SOL® Sanitizing Solution>

▷ Quarantine field: 

    Prevention of Epidemics for the Sanitation of Public Facilities such as Offices,  

    Governmental Facilities, Institutes, Schools, Theaters, Hospitals, Marts, and Homes and etc.

⇒ Spray it in public facilities & homes in order to kill Endemic Seasonal Viruses

      including COVID-19 and Bacteria

⇒ Long-Term Blocking of the Infection Pathways makes Preventing the Secondary Virus

        Infection more effectively (Long-Term Surface Disinfection up to 3 months)

▷Application of Antiviral/Antibacterial Fabrics & Textiles Industries

Used for protective clothing, masks, filters and etc.

⇒ Used for clothing, beddings, towels, carpets, curtains, socks and etc.

⇒ Maintains Anti-virus/anti-bacterial efficacy after 30 times of washing

⇒ By Spraying or dipping method.

G·SOL® Antiviral Spray : No-Alcohol Sanitizer

<60ml, 200ml, 450ml>

▷ Prevents Virus Infection for Personal Sanitation and Hygiene

⇒ Spray it easily Homes & Offices to kill 99.9% harmful seasonal viruses and bacteria for the Long-Term

Prevention of Epidemics

⇒ For Preventing the Secondary Virus Infection

⇒ Removes not only harmful substances(formaldehyde, HCHO) but also ammonia(NH3)










SOL® Antiviral Wet-Wipes (No-Alcohol)

▷ Handy Sanitizing Product for Hygienic Daily Life

<G·SOL® Antiviral Wet-Wipes>

Kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, No skin irritation with soft fabrics

Used conveniently whenever we have to clean our hands, such as when going out, 

before and after meals, in the playground, when traveling,

taking care of a baby and etc.

Must-have items to go out, It’s not sticky, it’s refreshing!

⇒ Not containing toxic ingredients & additives

G·SOL® Laundry Sanitizer : 1,000ml Bottle

<G·SOL® Laundry Sanitizer>

▷ Added during washing to remove various harmful viruses/bacteria

Kills 99.9% of bacteria & odors, simply add to your rinse cycle

⇒ Maintains antibacterial efficacy until the next washing (Long-Term Sanitizing Efficacy)

⇒ Does not contain bleach

G·SOL® Antiviral Dispenser(Automatic Spraying Type): 230ml

<G·SOL® Antiviral Dispenser>

▷ Preventing Infection Pathway by Continuously Killing Endemic Seasonal Viruses including COVID-19

and Bacteria in the Air

⇒ Using it at Offices, Schools, Hospitals, Institutes, Facilities, Buildings, Marts,

Restaurants, Toilets and etc. for Long-Term Sanitation and Hygiene

Automatic Spraying Type on the Wall

⇒ Time Interval Spraying: 15/30/60 minutes

⇒ Time-Adjustable System

⇒ G·SOL® cartridge can be replaced.


<G·SOL® Antiviral Dispenser Features>

G·SOL® CoatingFacemasks : Completed Inhalation Toxicity Test

▷ G·SOL® Treated Disposable Facemasks

Kills 99.9% of Corona Viruses (including COVID-19) and Influenza Viruses

      (Seasonal, Pandemic, Avian, Swine, Equine and other) on the surface of mask

▷ G·SOL® Treated Washable Facemasks

⇒ Long-term antibacterial , UV blocking and odor removal function

Cost-effective & eco-friendly products

     (99.9% antibacterial efficacy after 30 times of washing)

G·SOL® Medical Clothes & Protective Clothing

Doctors Gowns, Nurses Uniforms, Protective Clothing and etc.

Preventing the 2nd Infection of Viruses and Bacteria

⇒ Kill 99.9% of Corona Viruses (including COVID-19), Influenza Viruses

(Seasonal, Pandemic, Avian, Swine, Equine and other) and Bacteria

(Pneumococcus, Staphylococcus Aureus and other) on the surface of clothes

⇒ Long-Term Antiviral/Antibacterial UNIQUE CLOTHES!

⇒ The Antiviral/Antibacterial Efficacy is maintained after 30 times of laundry.

<G·SOL® Medical Clothes & Protective Clothing, Make-to-Order>

G·SOL®Antibacterial Bedding & Curtains

▷Prevents secondary infection with long-term sanitizing efficacy <– Fabric surface treated with G·SOL®

▷Prevents various allergic diseases such as asthma, rhinitis, and conjunctivitis

▷Sustains 99.9% antibacterial efficacy after 30 times of washing

▷Hygienic management of bedding used by unspecified people and hard-to-wash curtains