Eco-Friendly Ultra-Hydrophilic Inorganic Coating Product (SaniCoat®)

SaniCoat® is

Eco-friendly Ultra-hydrophilic Inorganic Coating Materials with Anti-Fouling, Anti-Corrosion and Anti-Microorganism Functions  

  • Long-lasting Ultra-hydrophilic function
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance
  • Super Sanitizing Power

SaniCoat®의 특·장점

ItemTest result*Features
Contact angleAbout 10°(Ultra-hydrophilic)Anti-Fouling & Easy Cleaning
Surface hardnessOver 9H(Pencil hardness)Resistant to surface impact due to high hardness
AdherenceOver 5BExcellent adhesion and long-term maintenance
Corrosion resistanceNo surface corrosion due to acid (H2SO4), alkali(NaOH), sea water (NaCl), etc.Anti-corrosion effect in acid & alkali solution as well as sea water
AntibacterialOver 99.9% (Escherichia Coli, etc.)Various bacteria and viruses can be removed by formulation of inorganic sanitizing material registered by US FDA as a disinfectant(Anti-biofouling)

* The characteristic evaluation test was conducted by a nationally recognized testing agency

  (Korea Testing and Research Institute).

Physical & Chemical Characteristics (1)

High Hardness

Uniformly Coated (SEM Photo)

▶ Over 9H (hardness test result)

▶ Over 5B (adhesive test result)

Before Coating (SUS)

After Coating (SUS)

Physical & Chemical Characteristics (2)

Ultra Hydrophilic

⇒ Contact angle : about10o

No water drop

Contact angle: 52.3°

Contact angle: 10.3°
(Ultra Hydrophilic)

Water RepellentHydrophobicHydrophilicUltra Hydrophilic
Contact AngleOver 90°30° ~ 90°Under 30°Under 20°

Physical & Chemical Characteristics (3)

Highly Corrosion Resistance ⇒ Excellent Corrosion Resistance against Acid and Base

10% NaDCC(Sodium Dichloroisocyanurate) – 24h

Physical & Chemical Characteristics (4)

Anti-Corrosion No corrosion in NaCl Solution (Sea Water)

Non-coated SUS
Coated SUS

Physical & Chemical Characteristics (5)

· Test of Removal Contaminants by Coated with SaniCoat® on SUS Sample

· Excellent Cleanable

Easily remove contaminants using only water

Anti-Fouling & Anti-Scaling

Sanitizing Power

Sanitizing Test Result by Authorized Testing Lab.

: Korea Conformity Laboratories (KCL)
: Escherichia Coli ATCC 8739

Sanitizing Power : over 99.9% (Anti-Biofouling)

Comparisons of Technical Data of SaniCoat® with Others

SaniCoat®Fluoropolymerenamelorganic/inorganic hybrid ceramic
Contact AngleAbout 10º
Over 90º
(Water Repellent)
Under 80º
Under 90º
Sanitizing PowerOver 99.9%NoNoNo
DurabilityNo changes for long time – Long lastingGloss and color changeNo changes with time, but rust occurs due to cracksNo changes with time, but gloss and color may change
WashabilityEasy wash with waterNeed special solvent to washNeed solvent to washNeed solvent to wash
Chemical ResistanceNo changes by strong acid and alkaliWeak chemical resistanceNo changes by acid and alkaliVulnerable to alkali
Sintering Temperature~ 250℃250~ 280℃650 ~ 900℃180 ~ 250℃
Hardness (Pencil Hardness)Over 9HOver 1HOver 9HOver 1H

Application Fields of SaniCoat ®

1. Heat Exchanger
2. Metallic Filter
3. Screw
4. Ballast Water Treatment System
5. Marine Structures(Pipes & Tanks)
6. Evaporator
7. Wheel
8. Under Coating
9. Pipes