1. Tire Marking

Dot Marking after Balancing the Tire

To prevent tipping effect of tire

To minimize lead weight on tire



2. GW’s Thermal Transfer Tape(T-Max®)

(1) High Quality

  • Good Color Visibility: High Brightness&Chrome
  • Excellent Transferring
  • Strong Adhesion

(2) Color

  • Red (PANTONE No. 1795C)
  • Yellow (PANTONE No. 1225C)

(3) Specifications (Roll Type)

  • Width : 18mm, 64mm
  • Length : 50m, 60m, 100m, 120m

3. Concept of T-Max®

4. Operation conditions for T-Max®

Example of Tire Marking Process

1) Setting Temperature: 160℃ ± 5℃

2) Optimum Pressure : 1.5~2.0 Kgf/cm2

3) Marking Time on tire :  Within 1 sec.

4) Excellent marking quality in equipment with Zig

5. T-Max® vs 경쟁제품

T-MAX®Competitive Products
TransferringExcellentNot good
(Different quality depending on various temp.)
AdhesivenessSuper ExcellentNot good
(Difficult to maintain a shape)
ExcellentNot good
(Low legibility & visibility)
ExcellentNot good
(Scratch on the spot)

6. Test results of T-Max®

Improvement of transferring & adhesiveness

Clear and Vivid Color
Maintain a good shape(spot marking)

7. Advantage of T-Max®

Excellent Quality

Excellent Transferring
Super excellent Adhesiveness
Superior Visibility
Excellent Abrasion Resistance

Cost Reduction

T-Max ® is 10~20% Cheaper than competitive’s

Quick response to customer needs

Joint Development with tire company
Developed by Tire Specialists